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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alpha White effective?

What is the whitening principle of Alpha White?

How long will you be able to receive the Alpha White after placing an order with us?

How much do we charge on shipping fee?

How long will it takes to see the result?

How long will it last after using the Alpha White?

Is it safe to use?

How many times can a box of whitening gel tubes be used?

Are there any side effects after accidentally consumed the whitening gel?

Will it cause the gum of the teeth bleeds while using the electric brushing mode?

Where and who should you contact when there is a problem of receiving the product?

Is it possible to share the device to more than one person?

What is the ingredient inside the gel? Is the gel reach to a safety standard?

Is it applicable for braces teeth?

How to store the gel?

Is it safe for children to use it?

Is it applicable for the users before or after teeth reparation?

Is it applicable for pregnant and breastfeeding women?


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