Multifunction Whitening Device
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How To Use


When to use ?

Gear 1Powerful brushing mode45 sec auto shutdown mechanism

Gear 2Comfortable brushing mode45 sec auto shutdown mechanism

  • Use it once every morning & night.
  • Brushing duration : 90 sec, restart the device after the 45 sec auto shutdown. 


  1. Apply toothpaste on both sides of brushing tray. 
  2. Hold the device in your mouth lightly, or else it will limit the vibration.
  3. Turn on ultrasonic brushing mode.(Gear 1/Gear 2)
  4. Repeat brushing left & right / brushing in a circles.
  5. Rinse your mouth after brushing.
  6. Wash the device.


    • Keep the device dry before charging it.
    • For those of you who have sensitive gums, we recommend you to use GEAR 2 rather than GEAR 1 in the early stage.


    When to use ?

    Gear 4 Cold light whitening mode15 mins auto shutdown

    • In the early stage, use it once every night before going to bed. 
    • Whitening duration :  30 mins for the best result.
    • After achieving your satisfied results, you can reduce the frequency of usage to 2-3 times a week.


    1. Brush your teeth before using it.
    2. Apply 0.25-0.35 ml of whitening gel on each side of tray.
    3. Fit the brush head to your teeth.
    4. Turn on the cold light whitening mode.Gear 4
    5. Rinse your mouth after whitening.
    6. Wash the device.


    • Keep the tray and your teeth dry before using it.
    • Avoid teeth whitening if there is a wound in your mouth. Use it after the wound recovered.
    • Apply only 0.25-0.35 ml of whitening gel on each side.
      ( there will be 0.50-0.70 ml on both side )
    • Half-laying/full-laying position during the whitening treatment can avoid the contact of whitening gel and your lips.
    • It is not recommended to eat in within three hours after teeth whitening, as it will affect the whitening result. Only plain water is accepted.
    • Whitening gel must be stored into refrigerator.
    • Keep the device dry before charging it.

     Gums massaging

    When to use ?

    Gear 3 Gums massaging mode45 sec auto shutdown

    • Recommend to use it 2-3 times a week.
    • Duration : 90 sec, restart the device after 45 sec auto shutdown.


    1. Fit the brushing tray to your teeth.
    2. Turn on gums massaging mode.Gear 3
    3. Rinse your mouth after gums massaging.
    4. Wash the device.


    • Keep the device dry before charging it.

    Video Tutorial  -->  How to use


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